Indalytics is a Data as a Service (DaaS) company, which helps CXOs, consultants and investors gain market intelligence in their industries.

We use Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to read thousands of company releases and news articles every day. We then classify the relevant data, analyze strategies of key players, and extract meaningful insights from it.

Indayltics covers tech-enabled high-growth industries, such as Fintech, Edtech, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Healthtech. Our insights and reports help our users focus their resources on high-growth areas, and increase their topline. Some of the many ways through which we have been helping our clients are:

  • CXOs: Our insights help CXOs find the high-growth markets, and segments to focus their resources on. Example: We help CXOs understand if their competitors are collaborating or expanding into other markets.
  • Consultants: We help consultants increase their topline by identifying the high-growth markets, key players in those markets, and the problems face by those players. Example: We help consultants identify their potential clients, by finding specific segments and markets, which are growing in an industry.
  • Investors: We help investors identify potential deals, by finding the high-growth markets and segments. Example: Besides aggregating the quantitative data on investment deals, we also analyze qualitative data on how the funds are used by the companies.

We are currently providing our research in form of downloadable reports, and are in process of testing and launching personalized dashboards and API keys.

In case you wish to contact us, then please feel free to write to us at