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Education Sector in Saudi Arabia to 2018 – Market Size and Intelligence Report



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The report ‘Education Sector in Saudi Arabia to 2018 — Market Size and Intelligence’ discusses the current and forecasted market size of the Saudi Arabia’s education sector. It segregates the market size on the basis of various level of education, starting from preschool education to higher and technical education.

The report discusses the forecasted market size and year–wise growth of the sector till 2018, along with the various drivers, which will lead to this growth. It also discusses the various trends that are shaping the education sector.

Various regulations pertaining to education in Saudi Arabia are also mentioned in the report, along with the processes and guidelines of setting up and operating private schools and colleges. The report concludes with the profiles of major investment companies, which have invested in Saudi Arabia’s education sector.

Executive Summary

Saudi Arabia has emerged to be one of the major education markets in the GCC region. The country — which spends approximately 25% of its total fiscal spending, and 7.6% of its GDP on education — caters to approximately 8.5 million people, across various levels of education. With an enrollment ratio of approximately 106% for k–12 education, and approximately 41% for higher education, Saudi Arabia has a high literacy rate — with only 5.6% of the people above 15 years being illiterate.

Besides high government spending, other factors that are driving the growth of Saudi Arabia’s education sector are the increase in population and income levels. Further, increasing number of expatriates, and government’s efforts to reduce unemployment are also resulting in expansion of the sector.

All the above–mentioned drivers are expected to help Saudi Arabia’s education sector grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.58% till 2018. The sector is also witnessing increasing enrollment and investments in the private education space. This, along with technological initiatives, and Kingdom’s collaboration with other countries is expected to make the sector more lucrative for private investors.

Research Methodology

This report has been prepared through the following comprehensive methodology:

The market definitions used in the reports are the standard definitions recognized by the industry. In this report, the market size of the education sector is defined as the sum total of core expenditure of teaching students. It includes the fees paid by students in private schools and higher education institutions, as well as the government expenditure per student in case of public schools and higher education institutions.

Bases of all the figures are taken from the statistics provided by the government, ministries, as well as prominent organizations such as the World Bank, International Monetary Funds, UNESCO Institute of Statistics, World Factbook — CIA etc. The data is further validated through credible analyst reports, white papers by industry organizations, questioners and expert interviews.

  • Education System in Saudi Arabia
    • Education attainment and enrollment in Saudi Arabia
  • Current Market Size of Saudi Arabia’s Education Sector
    • Preschool education in Saudi Arabia
    • General education in Saudi Arabia
    • Higher education in Saudi Arabia
    • Vocational and technical education in Saudi Arabia
    • Special and adult education in Saudi Arabia
    • Distance Education and e–learning in Saudi Arabia
  • Forecasted Market Size of Saudi Arabia’s Education Sector
  • Drivers Impacting Saudi Arabia’s Education Sector
    • Driver 1
    • Driver 2
    • Driver 3
    • Driver 4
    • Driver 5
    • Driver 6
  • Trends in Saudi Arabia’s Education Sector
    • Trend 1
    • Trend 2
    • Trend 3
    • Trend 4
    • Trend 5
    • Trend 6
  • Regulations Pertaining to Education in Saudi Arabia
    • Regulations Covering School Education
    • Regulations Covering Higher Education
    • Regulations Covering Adult Education and Eradication of Illiteracy
  • Setting up and operating private schools in Saudi Arabia
  • Setting Up and Operating Foreign Schools in Saudi Arabia
  • Setting Up and Operating Private Higher Education Institutions in Saudi Arabia
  • Private Investments in Education Space
  • Profiles of Investment Companies in Education
    • Al Alamiah Company for Education and Training
    • Al-Hussan Group of Companies
    • Ataa Educational Company
    • Kingdom Holding Company
    • Saad Group of Companies
    • Tadrees Holding
    • Tatweer Education Holding Company
  • Figure 1: Education System of Saudi Arabia
  • Figure 2: Saudi Arabia Population by Education Attainment — 2013 (over 15 years)
  • Figure 3: Gross education Enrollment Ratios in Saudi Arabia — 2011
  • Figure 4: Saudi Arabia’s Education Sector — Market Size — 2013 (US$ billion)
  • Figure 5: Saudi Arabia’s Education Sector — Market Size — Public and Private Education — 2013 (US$ billion)
  • Figure 6: Enrollment in General Education — Elementary, Intermediate and Secondary — 2013 (E)
  • Figure 7: Enrollment in General Education — on Basis of Gender — 2013 (E)
  • Figure 8: Enrollment in General Education — Segregation on Basis of Gender in Elementary, Intermediate and Secondary education — 2013 (E)
  • Figure 9: Government and Private Schools in Saudi Arabia — 2013 (E)
  • Figure 10: Enrollment in General Education — government and Private Schools — 2013 (E)
  • Figure 11: Enrollment in General Education — Government and Private Schools in Elementary, Intermediate and Secondary Education — 2013 (E)
  • Figure 12: Enrollment in Higher Education — On Basis on Gender — 2013 (E)
  • Figure 13: Enrollment in Higher Education — Types of Universities and Colleges — 2013 (E)
  • Figure 14: Enrollment in Higher Education — Stages of Studies — 2013 (E)
  • Figure 15: Breakup of Higher Education Enrollment — Saudis and Non–Saudis — 2013 (E)
  • Figure 16: Breakup of Higher Education Enrollment — Fields of Study — 2013 (E)
  • Figure 17: Enrollment in Vocational and Technical Education — Types of Colleges — 2013 (E)
  • Figure 18: Enrollment in Vocational and Technical Education — Training and Higher Education Institutes — 2013 (E)
  • Figure 19: Enrollment in Vocational and Technical Education — on basis of Gender — 20133 (E)
  • Figure 20: Vocational and Technical Education — Number of Teachers — 2013 (E)
  • Figure 21: Vocational and Technical Education — Saudi and non–Saudi — 2013 (E)
  • Figure 22: Government Expenditure on Education — 2011–2013(E) (US$ billion)
  • Figure 23: Government Expenditure on Education as % of Total Expenditure — 2013 (E)
  • Figure 24: Government Expenditure on Education — 2011–2013(E) (SR billion)
  • Figure 25: Government Expenditure on Education — % of GDP — 2011–2013(E) (%)
  • Figure 26: Population Growth of Saudi Arabia — 2010–2014(F) (million)
  • Figure 27: Unemployment % in Saudi Arabia — Saudis, Non–Saudis and Total — 2013(First Quarter)
  • Figure 28: Population of Saudi Arabia — Saudis and Non–Saudis — 2012
  • Figure 29: % Change in gross domestic product at constant prices— 2010 – 2013(E) (%)
  • Figure 30: Per capita GDP of Saudi Arabia — 2009–2012 (US$)
  • Figure 31: Saudi Students Taking Higher Education in Foreign Countries — Level of Studies — 2011
  • Figure 32: Breakup of Enrollment in Private Schools — Nationals and Non-Nationals— 2013 (E)
  • Al Alamiah Company for Education and Training
  • Al Baraka Banking Group
  • Al Hussan International Schools
  • Al Hussan Training Centers
  • Al–Alamiah Institute for Computer Technology
  • Al-Faisal University
  • Al-Hussan group of Companies
  • Al–Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University
  • Al-Rowad for Private Education and Training Company
  • Al-Tarbiyah Al Fikriyah Institute
  • Amal Institute
  • Arab Open University
  • Ataa Educational Company
  • Bahamdan Group
  • Box Hill Institute
  • D3 Consultants
  • GEMS Education
  • Imam Mohammad Bin Saud Islamic university
  • Itqan Capital
  • King Abdulaziz University
  • King Abdullah University for Science and Technology
  • King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
  • King Saud University
  • Kingdom Holding Company
  • Kingdom Schools Company
  • Lockheed Martin
  • McGraw-Hill Education
  • Pearson Education
  • Princess Nora University
  • Promethean Plc
  • Quranic Secondary School
  • Saad College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences
  • Saad Group of Companies
  • Saad National School
  • Saudi Aramco
  • Saudi Electronic University
  • SMART Technologies Inc.
  • Tadrees Holding
  • Tatweer Education Transportation Company
  • Tatweer Educational Services Company
  • Tatweer Holding Company
  • Texas Instruments
  • TQ Education and Training
  • UK Open University
  • University of Auckland
  • University of Ulster