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Education Technology Market in India to 2020 – Market Size and Intelligence Report


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The report ‘Education Technology Market in India to 2020 — Market Size and Intelligence’ discusses the current and forecasted market size of education technology space in India. It segregates the market size of overall education technology space, on the basis of level of education and types of edtech products.  The report further discusses the forecasted market size and year–wise growth of the sector till 2020.

It also discusses the various trends that are shaping the Indian education technology space, along with the major investments, and mergers and acquisitions that took place in 2015. The report further talks about the profile of major Indian edtech players.

Executive Summary

Education Technology space in India is estimated to reach US$XX.XX billion by the end of 2015. Edtech technologies catering to K—12 (school) level constitute XX.XX% of the market, followed by tertiary level at XX.XX%, higher education level at XX.XX%, and corporate and continuing education at XX.XX%.

In terms of EdTech products, digital e–learning content and learning management systems constitute XX.XX% of the market, followed by edtech enablers at XX.XX%, and edtech hardware at XX.XX%.

The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of XX.XX%, and reach US$ XX.XX billion by the end of 2020. The growth will be driven by various factors, such as increasing use of internet and mobile phones, improvement in broadband speed, availability if low–cost cloud–based infrastructure, and government support to educational technology.

The Indian edtech market is witnessing several trends such as increasing use of internet and mobile hand–held devices for education, introduction of new programs, and expansion by existing edtech companies. The segment is also active in investments space, and has been witnessing several financing and M&A activities.

Total addressable market size of education technology space in India is calculated by estimating the demand for various education technology products at various levels of education, and multiplying it with their average ticket size.

The estimates are further refined by factoring in various parameters such as access of computers and mobiles; penetration of internet; percentage of schools in urban areas; competition and revenue model of edtech players; and online substitutes for individual learners.

Various factors for forecasting the growth have been derived from the statistics provided by the government, ministries, as well as prominent organizations such as the World Bank, International Monetary Funds, UNESCO Institute of Statistics, World Factbook — CIA etc.  The data is further validated through credible analyst reports, white papers by industry organizations, questioners and expert interviews.

  • Definition and Scope of Education Technology Market
  • Market Size of Education Technology in India
    • Market Size by Levels of Education
    • Market Size by Types of Products
  • Forecasted Market Size of Education Technology in India
  • Trends in Indian Education Technology Market
    • Penetration and Use of Internet
    • Use of mobile phones and Tablets
    • Introduction of New Products and Programs
    • Expansion in Education Technology Space
  • Investments in Indian Education Technology Market
  • Profiles of Key Players
    • Aptech
    • Birla Shloka Edutech
    • CORE Education and Technologies
    • Edserv Softsystems
    • Educomp
    • Foradian
    • Mettl
    • NIIT
    • Simplilearn
    • Sunstone Business School
  • List of Organizations Mentioned in the Report

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Market Size of Education Technology Market in India — By Levels of Education — 2015 (E)
  • Figure 2: Market Size of Education Technology Market in India — By Types of Products — 2015 (E)
  • Figure 3: Forecasted Market Size of Educational Technology in India  — 2015 (E)–2020 (F)
  • Figure 4: Internet Penetration in India — 2010–2014
  • Figure 5: India’s Share of World Internet Users — 2010—2014
  • Figure 6: Broadband Subscribers in India — December 2014—May 2015
  • Figure 7: Wireless Telephone Subscribers in India — December 2014—May 2015
  • Figure 8: Mobile Wireless Internet Users in India — December 2014—May 2015
  • 100Marks
  • 91SpringBoard
  • ah! Angels
  • Anytime Learning Private Learning
  • Aptech Limited
  • Armat Group
  • Aspiring Minds
  • Bertelsmann India Investments
  • Birla Shloka Edutech Limited
  • Bodhi Health
  • Calcutta Angels
  • CBA
  • CORE Education and Technologies Limited
  • CultureAlley
  • Docebo
  • Easy Prep
  • Edserv Softsystems Limited
  • Edsix Brain Lab
  • Educomp Solutions Limited
  • EduKart
  • Fidelity Investments & Others
  • Foradian Technologies Private Limited
  • Gogri Family
  • Harness Handitouch
  • Helion Venture Partners
  • i2india Venture Factory
  • IDG Ventures India
  • IIM Ahmedabad
  • IIT Gandhinagar
  • Impartus Innovations
  • India Quotient
  • Individual Investors
  • Induslynk Training Services Private Limited
  • Info Edge (India) Limited
  • iNurture
  • Jay Robotix
  • Kaizen Private Equity
  • Kalaari Capital
  • LabInApp
  • Logic Roots
  • Mango Reader
  • Matrix Partners India
  • Mayfield Fund
  • MBD Group
  • MeetUniv
  • MeritNation
  • Microsoft
  • MindSpark
  • Moodle
  • Nayi Disha Studios
  • NIIT Limited
  • Oliphans Capital
  • Peesh Venture Capital
  • Pharmaceutical Training International
  • Plancess Edu Solutions
  • Pleolabs
  • Purple Squirrel Eduventures
  • Sigrid Education
  • Simplilearn Solutions Private Limited
  • Sprout Angels LLP
  • Sunstone Business School
  • Suphalaam (
  • TAKE Solutions & CII
  • Tiger Global Management & Others
  • Toppr
  • United Finsec
  • Unitus Seed Fund
  • UpGrad
  • Venturesity
  • Videocon
  • WizIQ
  • Xseed Education Pte Ltd
  • YouWeCan Ventures
  • Zenparent