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Market Intelligence in Online Test Preparation Space


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The report — Market Intelligence in Online Test Preparation Space — is intended to help the readers keep themselves abreast with all the latest activities of global online test preparation space, in a concise manner.

The report discuss strategies of major edtech players across the globe, and present them in form of key trends. It is beneficial for similar companies and investors, who want to understand the growth and expansion strategies, adopted by the market leaders in their segment.

Research Methodology

The report is prepared by conducting a comprehensive search on data pertaining to global online language learning, and analyzing it to derive actionable insights.

  • Growth Strategies by Online Test Preparation Companies
  • Introduction of new test preparation products
    • Test preparation companies going for collaboration and expansion
    • Investments in Online Test Preparation
  • Organizations Mentioned in the Report

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Activities in online test preparation space — 2015
  • Figure 2: Countries witnessing new online test preparation products and programs — 2015
  • Figure 3: Countries witnessing investments in online test preparation space — 2015
  • 100Marks
  • 500 Startups
  • Aakash Institute
  • Accel Partners
  • BenchPrep
  • Blume Ventures
  • Careers360
  • Chegg
  • CrowdBnk
  • EasyPrep
  • Edupath
  • Enabilon Learning
  • Fidelity Growth Partners India
  • Firestartr
  • Flipkart
  • Gojimo
  • Helion Ventures
  • Hobsons
  • InnoVen Capital
  • Kaplan Test Prep
  • Khosla Ventures
  • Litoro Tech Solutions
  • London Co-Investment Fund
  • LTG Exam Prep Platform
  • McGraw-Hill Education
  • MockBank
  • New Oriental Education and Technology Group
  • Next Door Learning Solutions
  • OnlineTyari
  • Oxford University Press
  • Prep4GRE
  • Saif Partners
  • ScoreBeyond
  • Tallahassee Community College
  • TCYonline
  • Thinkcell Learning Solutions
  • Tiger Global Management
  • Toppr
  • Vedantu
  • WizIQ
  • Zinkerz